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Hello and welcome, dear readers! If you haven't been to the dentist for quite some time, you may be feeling pretty nervous about your next appointment. Do not panic! This blog has been created in the hope that it will provide you with everything you need to know about making a visit to the dentist clinic. We will explore the different treatments available to you, the steps you can take to protect your teeth and gums, and some top tips which will make your appointment straight forward and hassle-free. Make sure that you check back soon for more updates. Thanks!


Why Some Denture Patients Choose a Soft Reline Over a Hard Denture Reline

28 April 2021
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When you get new dentures, they should fit snugly in your mouth. This will allow you to do daily activities like eating, speaking and even laughing comfortably. However, because a lack of natural teeth causes changes in the jawbone and gum tissue, patients need to see a denturist for a reline every one to two years. This ensures that your dentures always fit snugly. There are two types of reline: a hard reline and a soft reline. Read More …

Why You Should See Your Dentist Immediately After Banging a Front Tooth

22 March 2021
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If you bang a front tooth and there is no sign of damage or pain, you may think that your tooth is okay. After all, pain is usually the best indicator that something is wrong. But teeth are much more than just enamel and dentin. When you traumatize a tooth, even if there is no visible damage, there may be something else happening out of sight, under the surface. It's important to see your dentist soon after banging a front tooth. Read More …

3 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Dental Implants

8 February 2021
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Missing teeth are a significant dental health issue than a cosmetic one. When you have missing teeth, you expose the remaining ones to possible damage through cavities. Your jaw also weakens with time, and you might develop gum disease and related complications. Once the tooth is missing, the jawbone starts losing its density, which leads to biting problems and facial collapse. If some of your teeth are missing, it's advisable to look for a permanent solution, such as getting dental implants to correct the problem. Read More …