Why Some Denture Patients Choose a Soft Reline Over a Hard Denture Reline

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Why Some Denture Patients Choose a Soft Reline Over a Hard Denture Reline

28 April 2021
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When you get new dentures, they should fit snugly in your mouth. This will allow you to do daily activities like eating, speaking and even laughing comfortably. However, because a lack of natural teeth causes changes in the jawbone and gum tissue, patients need to see a denturist for a reline every one to two years. This ensures that your dentures always fit snugly.

There are two types of reline: a hard reline and a soft reline. Many new denture wearers don't know the differences between the two. But eventually, you will need to choose between them.

Here are some reasons why most patients favour soft denture relines.

They have chronically sore gums

Eventually, usually within about one to two years, you'll need to reline your denture to improve its fit. Many patients choose a soft reline over a hard reline because their gum tissue is constantly sore when they wear their dentures. This soreness stems from the poor fit of their denture, which causes sores to form on their gums. A hard reline would only exacerbate their problem.

Soft denture relines use a material that is pliable and thus gentler on your gum tissue. So, if your gums are too sore for the acrylic material used in hard relines, then choose a soft reline.

They are a new denture wearer

Soft denture relines are often the best choice for patients who have only recently received their first set of dentures. This is because the most advanced bone resorption occurs in the first 12 months following tooth extraction. Because the gums and bone change so much during this period, a hard reline would be uncomfortable.

During this initial period, a soft reline will allow a patient to adjust to the changes more comfortably as they wear their dentures.

They have just gotten an immediate denture

Some patients opt to get immediate dentures, or dentures that are placed immediately after tooth extraction. Because the gum and bone tissues will be sore and uncomfortable for a while after their extractions, a soft reline will help to ensure that their tissues heal without irritation.

Thus if you are thinking about getting immediate dentures, you will likely have a soft reline.

A soft reline is easier on your gum and bone tissue than a hard reline. However, you will need to have your dentures adjusted more often than if you chose a hard reline. Contact your dentist if you need denture relining.