3 Signs It's Time to Invest in Dental Implants

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3 Signs It's Time to Invest in Dental Implants

8 February 2021
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Missing teeth are a significant dental health issue than a cosmetic one. When you have missing teeth, you expose the remaining ones to possible damage through cavities. Your jaw also weakens with time, and you might develop gum disease and related complications. Once the tooth is missing, the jawbone starts losing its density, which leads to biting problems and facial collapse.

If some of your teeth are missing, it's advisable to look for a permanent solution, such as getting dental implants to correct the problem. Any of the following dental health complications shows it's time to try dental implants.

1. When You Have Problems with Dentures

Dentures are a typical tooth replacement option for people with missing teeth. However, they are temporary, and they cause a considerable level of harm to the mouth. To attach them, the dentist has to chip at a section of the tooth on each side. The neighbouring teeth often start developing complications from the site where the denture was fixed. The dentures then become loose and can lead to painful sores inside your mouth. 

In this case, it is better to get dental implants because each tooth attaches directly to the jawbone and does not affect the others in any way. The titanium roots are also permanent, and they protect your mouth from bone loss and other related complications.

2. When You Have an Infected Tooth

Infected teeth are a second reason to consider getting dental implants. The extent of the infection determines the treatment you get from the dentist. For example, the dentist may consider removing your tooth if you have a cavity that has reached the pulp cavity or one that has ruined the nerve endings. 

According to most dentists, dental implants are always a great option because they don't leave you with a weakened tooth that can chip at any time. They also don't expose your teeth to some tooth infections that could spread to the rest of the body, causing further health complications. The dentist will know what you should after the dental implant procedure. 

3. When Your Face Is Collapsing

Another way to tell that you need dental implants is when your face seems as if it's collapsing. When you lose some teeth, you also lose some amount of your jawbone and part of your face will eventually sag. But after you get dental implants, you stimulate the bone to keep growing, which restores and maintains the facial structure.

Any of the above instances means it is time to see a competent dentist to get quality dental implants. Ensure you know something about the implantation procedure and care for the implant for durable and excellent teeth.