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Hello and welcome, dear readers! If you haven't been to the dentist for quite some time, you may be feeling pretty nervous about your next appointment. Do not panic! This blog has been created in the hope that it will provide you with everything you need to know about making a visit to the dentist clinic. We will explore the different treatments available to you, the steps you can take to protect your teeth and gums, and some top tips which will make your appointment straight forward and hassle-free. Make sure that you check back soon for more updates. Thanks!


Finding It Difficult to Keep Your Teeth Clean Now That You Have Braces?

22 October 2020
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You'll be wearing your new dental braces for anywhere between one and three years. It would be a downright shame, if, when your braces are removed, your teeth were actually in worse shape than when you began treatment. Some people find that the physical presence of the braces makes it difficult to maintain a high level of oral hygiene, but it's essential that you follow the best practice for keeping your teeth clean. Read More …

Understanding Denture Implants

6 October 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Denture implants are a dental treatment option for missing teeth. To better understand them, you need to know what conventional dentures and dental implants are. Conventional Dentures Dentures are pink plastic bases with artificial teeth attached to them. They are made in a way that they have a groove that sits perfectly on your gum for support. You can take them out as needed (during cleaning and when sleeping) and put them back easily. Read More …

5 Bad Habits That Make Morning Breath Worse

6 October 2020
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Standard morning breath is typically unpleasant. But certain habits can make morning breath even worse. If you have been waking up recently with particularly bad morning breath, then your bad habits could be to blame. First, you need to identify those habits, and then take steps to stop them. 1. Skipping brushing at night This habit is the most obvious and the most damaging. To understand why this habit contributes to bad breath, you have to understand exactly what produces the bad odours in your mouth overnight. Read More …

3 Maintenance Practices Anyone Wearing Dentures Should Know

24 September 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Missing teeth is one of the oral problems that most people find devastating. However, one can use some reliable ways to fix the problem. If some of your teeth are missing, you can use removable dentures to replace them. However, they require proper maintenance for them to meet your oral needs. If you don't ignore proper care, these prosthetic appliances can prevent microbial infections or even damage. So, if you are a denture wearer, here are some of the maintenance tips you need to know. Read More …

Various Alternatives to Teeth Whitening Trays

16 September 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Getting your teeth whitened can be a great confidence-booster, but are teeth whitening trays the only treatment available for achieving a killer smile? If the idea of an over-the-counter or custom-fitted tray resting on your teeth doesn't interest you, then teeth whitening trays aren't for you. The good news is, there are many substitutes for whitening trays. Here are some alternative teeth whitening treatments you can consider. General Maintenance Did you know that you don't have to receive any teeth whitening treatment to get a beautiful smile? Read More …