Is Your Oral Surgery Coming Up? 4 Things Your Dentist Expects You to Do

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Is Your Oral Surgery Coming Up? 4 Things Your Dentist Expects You to Do

23 July 2021
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Oral surgery treats various conditions such as tooth loss, impacted wisdom teeth, and sleep apnoea. Like any other invasive procedure, you need to prepare for your oral surgery to ensure you have an easier time before and after the treatment. Here is a look at four things the dentist expects you to understand before your surgery:

1. Do Not Eat Before or After Surgery

Make people make the mistake of overeating when going for oral surgery since they will have to fast for the next few days. But that should not be the case, especially if the surgeon will use intravenous (IV) anaesthetics. Furthermore, you should not drink or smoke anything before surgery unless your surgeon permits it. That helps in reducing the risk of aspiration during surgery.

2. Pick Up Your Medication in Advance

After the oral surgery is complete, you will need to take a few days to relax and recover. So, leaving the house, even if to buy medications, is not advisable. That is why you need to head to the pharmacy right before or after the surgery to get all medications you will need during the recovery period.

3. Stock Up on Soft Foods

After oral surgery, dentists recommend that you avoid crunchy, hard, acidic, and spicy foods for some weeks. For this reason, you should buy easy-to-chew foods and healthy beverages like protein drinks and milk. You should also not use straws when drinking beverages, as this could lead to blood clots forming at the surgery site. In addition, it could end up causing an infection in the socket.

4. Choose the Right Outfit

Most people do not think much of the clothes they will wear when going for oral surgery. You need to be comfortable during the procedure, which is why your outfit is essential. In addition, your vital signs will need regular checking and you might need an IV. For that reason, consider wearing comfortable outfits with short sleeves so that you can make the procedure go on smoothly.

If you take the time to prepare adequately for the procedure, you will heal quickly. In addition to the tips provided above, it is prudent to call your dentist ahead of the appointment and ask them to clarify any issues. A competent dentist will be willing to answer your questions. Moreover, they will work closely with you before and after surgery so that you do not end up getting any complications.