Some Benefits of Dental Implants

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Some Benefits of Dental Implants

11 February 2020
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Some people are put off by the idea of having dental implants fitted into their mouth because it involves a surgical procedure. When implants are fitted, they will be drilled into the jawbone of the patient, which means that a general anaesthetic will be required. However, once dental implants are in place, they will last a lifetime. Therefore, you will be able to attach false teeth much more reliably if you opt for them rather than conventional dentures. What are the main advantages of modern dental implants today?

Secure Fitting

To begin with, false teeth can often shift around in your mouth when they are not anchored securely to an implant. Most dentures clip onto a tooth, which may move over time, so the denture will become progressively more uncomfortable. In contrast, implants are located in a fixed position in the bone, which means that you will not suffer from this sort of problem.

No Suction Problems

When false teeth are placed into your mouth, they sometimes only seal to your gums properly because of a degree of suction that is created. When eating, this can mean that your denture will slip unless a good level of suction is preserved, especially on your upper set of teeth. Since there are dentures that clip onto implants directly, you will not need to rely on suction to keep your dentures in place if you have dental implants installed. As a result, embarrassing moments of false teeth slipping down will not occur.

Greater Confidence

Dental implants are much more reliable. Many people prefer them because that reliability gives them greater self-confidence. Remember that this is not just when you're eating but also when you are speaking. Of course, you also do not need to draw attention to your false teeth when you have implants because you will not have to readjust them in public, something that many people find to be excruciatingly embarrassing.

Improved Comfort

Finally, it is worth mentioning that dental implants are often considered to be more comfortable than the main alternatives. Although the initial procedure may be more invasive, once dentures are attached to pegs rather than real teeth, you should suffer from less oral irritation and other associated problems, such as swollen or bleeding gums. Indeed, small particles of food are much less likely to become trapped under dentures that are fixed to implants. This means that you can enjoy greater levels of comfort when you are eating things like seeded bread which many denture wearers tend to avoid.