Three Important Reasons to Schedule a Regular Dental Examination

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Three Important Reasons to Schedule a Regular Dental Examination

24 June 2022
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When should you visit your dentist? Is it when you are experiencing dental pain? Maybe when you require a dental filling? Seeing a dentist when you are only experiencing a dental problem is wrong. You are only doing a disservice to yourself. Being proactive regarding oral health is vital in ensuring you catch dental problems early. Failure to do so, these tiny problems grow into bigger ones, which may require expensive and challenging interventions to repair. Here are some great benefits of visiting a general dentistry practitioner regularly.

Building good dental health habits  

Waiting until you have cavities, chipped teeth, or experience tooth pain before you go for a dental examination is incorrect. It would be best to start building good oral health habits early. As you know, teaching an old dog new tricks can be pretty challenging. During the dental examination, your dentist will access your entire mouth for cavities and other oral issues, such as plaque development due to poor cleaning. The dentist may even recommend valuable strategies for improving your oral hygiene routine.

Catching dental problems early

A regular dental examination is beneficial in numerous ways. It can help you catch cavities very early. On many occasions, when pain sets in, you will probably require a root canal procedure, which is more expensive, or an extraction. To lose your teeth when still young can be depressing. Taking steps to avoid that is therefore crucial.

Gum disease is another serious oral health problem that commonly goes undiagnosed until it gets serious. For most people, when their gums bleed, it is usually blamed on a course toothbrush or an accidental injury while chewing. Mentioning this problem to your dentist during your regular dental examination could make all the difference. A general dentistry practitioner will undoubtedly help diagnose the problem and recommend treatment before the situation deteriorates further.  

Catching oral cancer early

With all cancers, early diagnosis is a critical factor for effectively treating the disease. When caught early, oral cancer is treatable. During your regularly scheduled dental examination, your dentist will look for signs of cancer and abnormalities in your lymph nodes. Dentists will use a couple of approaches to screening for oral cancer. A dentist does this by feeling the inside of your mouth with a finger for any abnormal tissue. Alternatively, they could use a blue light emitter or blue dye for optical contrast when differentiating cancerous and healthy tissues. This procedure is crucial, especially if you have high-risk factors. A regular dental examination will give you peace of mind knowing you have a healthy mouth.