3 Maintenance Practices Anyone Wearing Dentures Should Know

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3 Maintenance Practices Anyone Wearing Dentures Should Know

24 September 2020
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Missing teeth is one of the oral problems that most people find devastating. However, one can use some reliable ways to fix the problem. If some of your teeth are missing, you can use removable dentures to replace them. However, they require proper maintenance for them to meet your oral needs. If you don't ignore proper care, these prosthetic appliances can prevent microbial infections or even damage. So, if you are a denture wearer, here are some of the maintenance tips you need to know.

Take Dental Hygiene Seriously

If you want any of the dental devices like dentures to be efficient and reliable, you should pay much attention to your dental hygiene. Getting some new dentures means you have some more cleaning work to do. If you don't maintain oral hygiene, deposits are likely to build up, causing the dentures to be stained. Ensure you always rinse the devices after the meal to ensure no food debris is left. Let your dentist guide you on the kind of the brush you should use to clean the dentures daily. Where possible, you should do it more than once every day to eliminate food particles or any plaque.

You Should Keep Them Wet

Most of these prosthetic devices are made using polymethylmethacrylate, a material that easily resists damage and tolerates temperature fluctuations. Moreover, dentures made of this material help you make good bites and chew comfortably. However, they need to be pre-wetted for them to function properly. For this reason, most dentists advise the wearer to store the dentures in water when they aren't using them. This ensures the device doesn't dry out and break or even become warped. When these devices become dry, they lose their initial shape and demand replacement. 

Visit Your Dentist Regularly for Check-Ups

Getting new dentures feels good, but you shouldn't assume that everything ends there. You still need to ensure they are in good shape and functional. Visiting your dentist often is a great way to help you benefit a lot from these devices. During your dental visit, the dentist could also check if the appliance needs repair or professional cleaning. If there is an underlying oral problem you had no idea about, the dentist could easily identify it during the check-up visit. Where possible, it's advisable to visit a dental hygienist twice a year to help you enhance oral health.

People lose some of their teeth in various ways. However, such a dental problem shouldn't take a toll on you because you can get dentures designed to substitute your teeth. If you just give them proper maintenance, dentures can be a practical solution to your mouth structure.