Are you really taking care of your teeth?

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Are you really taking care of your teeth?

1 September 2020
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How much thought do you give to your oral health regime? You may visit your dentist every six months for a regular check-up, but what are you doing for the rest of the year? It is a common misconception which many people hold that it is the responsibility of the dentist to care for their teeth. The truth is that, while general dentistry can do a great deal to care for your teeth and to fix problems, it is still important that you play your part in making sure that your teeth stay healthy. The truth is that ensuring that your teeth remain in great shape is something that you need to be concerned with throughout the whole year — not just when you go for a check-up.  Here are two things that you must do to keep your teeth looking great and staying healthy all through the year.

Remove plaque every day

One of the most under-recognised dental problems is plaque. You might look in the mirror and think that your teeth look clean. You might even run your tongue over your teeth to see if you can feel any foreign matter or imperfections. Neither of these can ensure that your teeth are really clean. Plaque coats your teeth every day, and if you do not brush it away regularly, it will soon turn into hard tartar and become a serious problem. Once tartar has formed, only a dentist can remove it by physically scraping it off your teeth. If you wait for the tartar to form, you could be in danger of losing your teeth or damaging your gums as tartar can attack your gums until they can no longer support your teeth.

Improve your brushing technique

How well do you brush your teeth? Most people learn to brush their teeth as children, but what happens after that? No one ever comes around to visit you and check that you are brushing correctly, so over the years it can be common for people to fall into the habit of doing only the bare minimum of brushing and never really cleaning their teeth properly. Next time you are at the dentist's office, talk to your dentist and ask them to demonstrate appropriate brushing techniques to you. It is only when you are reminded what good brushing is that your teeth will be properly cleaned, but then you can know they are protected for another day.

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