4 Common Facial Asymmetry Issues That Facial Injectables Can Correct

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4 Common Facial Asymmetry Issues That Facial Injectables Can Correct

27 July 2020
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Facial asymmetry is a normal feature of many faces. But sometimes, that asymmetry might be so noticeable to you, especially in photos, that it affects your confidence. Fortunately, with the use of facial injectables, you can correct facial asymmetry, at least temporarily. If your face is asymmetrical in one or more of the following ways, facial injectables can help.

1. Uneven eyebrows

If one of your brows is higher than the other one, muscle relaxants (Botox) can help to make your brows more even. To achieve a more even appearance, a cosmetic dentist will inject a muscle relaxant into the muscle on the side where the brow is higher. This will relax the muscle on that side and cause the eyebrow to lower. This should give your eyebrows a more even appearance. But remember, the results won't last forever. You will need to redo the treatment every three to four months.

2. Lopsided smile

A lopsided smile can really damage your confidence. But if your issue is due to volume loss on one side of your mouth because of bad chewing habits or missing teeth, you can add more volume to that side of your mouth with dermal fillers. A cosmetic dentist will apply the filler to help give that side more volume. If the issue is due to stronger muscles on one side of your mouth, then a muscle relaxant injected into the more prominent side of your mouth should help to balance out your smile.

3. Uneven cheeks

Sometimes, one cheek is more prominent than the other one is. This is often due to a person sleeping more on one side. As a result, the face becomes flatter on the favoured side. A dentist can add filler to the flatter side to add more volume and balance out your cheeks.

4. Asymmetric gums

Another common problem is that of more gum tissue showing on one side when a person smiles. The muscle that raises your lip could be stronger on one side, leading to the discrepancy in visible gum tissue. To correct this issue, a dentist will inject a muscle relaxant into the side of the muscle that is stronger. This will help to give you a more even smile and balance out gum tissue visibility.

Are you concerned about your facial asymmetry? Don't be. With fillers and muscle relaxants, you can correct the aforementioned symmetry problems with a single visit to a cosmetic dentist. Ask a dentist about cosmetic injections to learn more.