Why Are Lingual Braces More Expensive Than Traditional Braces?

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Why Are Lingual Braces More Expensive Than Traditional Braces?

27 April 2020
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When you are looking for a discreet but effective way to straighten your teeth, lingual braces are a good option to have at your disposal. Dentists also refer to lingual braces as incognito braces. This is because you can realistically undergo your entire treatment with lingual braces without anyone else ever realizing.

But one thing that puts some patients off lingual braces is their cost. Lingual braces are more expensive than traditional braces, but there are some good reasons for that.

Placing Lingual Braces Requires Special Training

Not just any orthodontist can place lingual braces. Like Invisalign and other specialized orthodontic systems, lingual braces require orthodontists to take additional training if they wish to offer them in their practice. As such, not all orthodontists will offer this system. If you find an orthodontist that specializes in lingual braces, then you can be sure that they are highly qualified.

Placing Lingual Braces Is Difficult

Since lingual braces straighten teeth from the rear surface, not the front, placing them is a difficult task. When placing traditional braces on teeth, orthodontists place the brackets one by one, and because they can see where they are placing the brackets more easily, the process is much easier.

But the placement of lingual braces requires much more care. For instance, orthodontists don't have as much room to work with. The lack of room means that orthodontists need to use a special tray to hold all of the brackets in place at the same time. They can then cement the brackets into position more easily.

Lingual Braces Are Customized to Each Patient

Before your treatment can begin, your orthodontist will need to take a digital impression of your teeth. They can then use that impression to create a custom set of wires and brackets that will only work on your unique case. Technicians will create these wires and brackets to your orthodontist's specifications in a laboratory.

Visits Are Longer and More Frequent

One further factor that greatly increases the cost of lingual braces is the frequency and duration of the visits during your treatment. Because lingual braces are customized to your specific bite, you will need to visit your orthodontist regularly to ensure that your treatment is progressing as it should.

Sometimes, it will be necessary for your orthodontist to tweak your treatment, which means that visiting times will also be longer than those of traditional braces will.

Are you considering lingual braces for your orthodontic needs? Then, as you can see, they are well worth the price that you might pay for them.