Why Dentures Get Damaged

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Why Dentures Get Damaged

7 February 2020
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It's believed that eating hard and crunchy foods will damage your dentures, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, a big reason why dentures break is that they don't fit properly. Regular maintenance and denture repair will ensure that the dentures stay strong and last longer. Other causes of breaks are as follows:

i. Change in facial structure

Your facial structure is constantly changing, which affects the proper fitting of dentures. They become either too loose or too tight. This becomes a problem as they begin rubbing your gums such that you develop sores.

Once your teeth are removed, there will be a few changes over time, especially in the jaw structure, face and mouth. This is because the jawbone is trying to adjust to the lack of dental roots, which causes the jawbone to break down. The process is gradual, but eventually, your mouth structure changes; thus, the dentures no longer fit as they should.  

In such a scenario, you need to seek professional denture repairs and have the dentures adjusted to fit you.

ii. Dropping dentures

The risk of dropping your dentures is quite high, especially when you keep taking them out. The more you keep taking them out, the higher your chances of dropping and breaking your dentures. Some try to cushion the fall by placing water in a sink when removing them. Others just don't care and often end up with dentures that have broken through the middle. The best option is denture repairs, especially if it's just a small crack.

Keep in mind that the repairs are a temporary fix, and it's better that you address the cause. Seek the services of a professional and ask if the denture repairs will last.

iii. Wear and tear

Over time, your dentures will begin to wear and tear due to the constant use. The process is always gradual, and you can try to get denture repairs to fix the tears. However, the repairs can only last for so long, and eventually, you'll need new dentures.

Even the best dentures will not last forever, but through proper care, you can reduce the rate of wear and tear.

DIY denture repairs

Doing DIY denture repairs is generally not the best option. You see, dentures are made by professionals, and trying to repair them could damage the dentures, alter the fit or harm your mouth. It's important that you leave denture repairs to professionals to limit the risk of damage or oral infections. Reach out to denture services to get professional help.