Give Halitosis a Holistic Knockout — Get Rid of Persistent Bad Breath in Three Natural Ways

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Give Halitosis a Holistic Knockout — Get Rid of Persistent Bad Breath in Three Natural Ways

6 February 2020
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Some of the oral problems you develop are signs of some underlying health issues. Holistic dentists understand this, and that's why they use a holistic approach when treating them. A holistic dentist doesn't just care about your mouth, but also your general health. Halitosis is among the oral problems holistic dentists treat. In holistic dentistry, the dentist uses natural remedies and other bio-compatible compounds to treat oral problems like bad breath and restore general body health. If you have bad breath that doesn't go away, here are holistic methods you may use to fight it:

Drink Hot Black or Green Tea

If you have tried to fight halitosis in vain, take black or green tea daily and see incredible results. A cup of black or green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and polyphenols that destroy halitosis-causing bacteria in the mouth. The natural tea also destroys the compounds that accumulate in the mouth, causing bad breath. Green tea has more polyphenols and less caffeine. Taking green tea daily also prevents dehydration. Stinging nettle tea is a form of green tea that could help clean out your kidneys and stimulate the lymphatic system. When your lymphatic system and kidneys are unhealthy, you easily develop halitosis because they are among the main culprits.

Take Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can boost your general health in a big way and clear up bad breath quickly. Do you like chewing fennel, cardamom, anise or cloves? These herbs have antimicrobial properties that boost the ability of your saliva to fight bad bacteria in the mouth. Chewing these herbs freshens your breath, clearing it within a short time. Herbs such as parsley, rosemary, sage, dill and peppermint contain a high amount of chlorophyll that kills oral germs in the mouth.

Chug Eight Glasses of Clean Water Daily

Did you say drinking eight glasses of clean water is a hard thing? Perhaps, you could have persistent halitosis because you keep your mouth dry. You produce less saliva that fights bad oral bacteria at night and more of it during the day. Your saliva doesn't only have antimicrobial properties, but it also lubricates your mouth. If you don't take a lot of clean water during the day, you won't produce adequate saliva to keep your mouth wet. If your mouth is dry, more harmful bacteria build-up, causing bad breath. Besides removing leftover food particles in the mouth, water also rebalances the acidity level, especially after taking beverages like coffee and other strongly-flavoured drinks.

During a visit to a holistic dentistry clinic, the dentist evaluates your general health and solves any oral problem a natural approach. Most holistic dentists affirm that your mouth is healthy only if your whole body is healthy. Holistic dentists don't use chemicals such as fluoride to fight bad breath, but they do use biocompatible and non-invasive techniques, even when treating other oral problems such as gum disease and cavities.