Comparing Different Sorts of Braces In Australia

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Comparing Different Sorts of Braces In Australia

6 February 2020
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If you need to have braces in your mouth to realign your teeth, then your dentist may recommend a number of different options. When you have braces fitted, they can close up gaps and twist teeth slowly such that they line up with their neighbouring ones more neatly. However, not all types have the same appearances. What do you need to know about modern braces in Australia today?

Metal Braces

Metal is the most common material for braces in the western world. They are relatively inexpensive compared with other types and have been around for a long time so they are a tried and tested way forward. With a set of metal braces, your dentist is usually able to assure you of a predictable result by the time they will be removed.

Clear Braces

Made from a number of different materials, clear braces tend to be used when your teeth are being realigned for cosmetic reasons rather than medical ones. That said, they operate in much the same way as metal braces with very little difference in terms of how effective they are. Due to the fact that the materials used in them — usually clear composites — are more expensive, this option is likely to set you back a bit more than others.

Ceramic Braces

Unlike clear versions, ceramic braces are able to alter the colour of your teeth when you smile. Because ceramics can be shaded to any type of white you want, these braces can make your teeth look brighter and healthier while they are being realigned. As such, they tend to be favoured by people with misaligned teeth which are also discoloured somewhat. This type of brace is harder to maintain than other options so you must be careful what you eat and how frequently you brush. More visits to your dentist are likely to be required while your braces are fitted if you choose ceramic ones.

Clear Aligners 

This system is able to adjust the alignment of your teeth with something that looks more like a transparent gum shield than a traditional dental brace. You can wear it just at night, if wanted, and take it out at other times. Using one may mean your teeth are realigned more slowly than other options but it certainly suits the lifestyle of many Australians and is an increasingly popular option. Although they are flexible, clear aligners are more expensive than metal ones.

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