How To Prepare Your Dentist-Averse Kids For Their Next Appointment

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How To Prepare Your Dentist-Averse Kids For Their Next Appointment

24 January 2020
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It is no surprise that many children have a fear of dentists, and on a surface level, it makes a bit of sense. After all, you go to an unfamiliar location, there are bright lights pointed at your face and you have some stranger digging through your mouth. That can be pretty jarring even for adults. However, going to the dentist is a necessity for all children and teenagers, and it is important you do get them into the car when their next appointment arrives. Here are a couple of ways you can prepare them for the day.

Arrange Something Fun After

The best way to keep your kid's minds off of something is to make something more attractive to them so it distracts them. If you are going to visit the dentist, then organise a trip to the movies or to visit their friends afterwards and really emphasise it. This will keep them distracted until they are in the chair and by that point, they will realise that there is nothing that scary about it. Dentists know the effect that they can have on children and they are very delicate with them and good at relaxing them so this distraction only really needs to get them in the door and from there all should go smoothly.

Tell Them You Will Be With Them

Kids may be scared of dentists but they are also keen on not appearing weak, even to their parents. If you notice that your kid seems agitated about having to go to the dentist, then make it so that your being present is integral to the visit. Tell them that parents have to be alongside children under a certain age or something to that effect. Treating it like it is a normal occurrence that everyone goes through is a great way to make them feel confident about the upcoming visit. On the other hand, if they outright ask you to be there with them first, then jump at the suggestion as this will assuage any fears they may have. 

Go To A Dentist Close By Or One That They Know

As previously mentioned dentists can be scary because of three things: a foreign environment, a new person and bright lights. If you can find a way to reduce those factors, then it will go a long way to reducing the stress your child has. If you know someone who is a dentist, then try and go to them so that your child feels more at home. Also finding a dentist office that is near to landmarks your child might recognise (local shops, playground, school etc) will also make them feel more at ease. For more information, speak with a dentist