Which Cosmetic Procedures Do Most Dentists Perform?

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Which Cosmetic Procedures Do Most Dentists Perform?

22 January 2020
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Not all dentists carry out cosmetic procedures for their patients but most do. Some are concerned with specialisms in dentistry, such as periodontists, for example, so they rarely get involved with cosmetic dentistry. If you are seeking some repair work to your teeth or think that the appearance of your smile could be improved with a procedure, then you can always turn to cosmetic dentistry to help. What are the most common treatments that are offered by dentists in Australia today?

Teeth Whitening

Although bleaching kits are available in most large pharmacies and supermarkets in the country, teeth whitening is much more effective when it is carried out by a professional dental practitioner. At home, you can make your teeth a bit whiter but it is very hard to achieve an even finish. In a dentist's chair, on the other hand, the degree of whitening you will receive on each of your teeth can be fine-tuned. This means that even if your teeth have an uneven appearance, they will appear more uniform if you turn to cosmetic dentistry rather than trying to carry out your bleaching yourself.

Dental Veneers

Prosthetic items that are glued onto your incisors, dental veneers are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. When you smile with a dental veneer fitted onto the front of your teeth, the appearance is very natural looking. What's more, they do much more than make your teeth look whiter. Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry that are often used to cover up chipped incisors effectively. They are also good for improving the appearance of cracked teeth. When a dental veneer is fitted, it will still allow you to bite into foods like apples and biscuits without any problem whatsoever.

Dental Braces

Although braces are often associated with teenage years, helping to align teeth better, more and more Australians are having dental braces fitted in adulthood. Some systems that cosmetic dentists now use are very discreet. Ask your dentist about invisible braces or clear aligners, which you can wear during the day that will slowly help your teeth line up better. These are great for sorting out overlapping teeth which many people would prefer not to have. Some are also designed to be worn at night only, so you can adjust the occlusion of your teeth without anybody even realising that is what you are doing.

Speak with a dental practitioner who provides cosmetic dentistry services for more information.