Bridging the Dental Gap: Why Would You Choose a Removable Dental Bridge?

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Bridging the Dental Gap: Why Would You Choose a Removable Dental Bridge?

22 January 2020
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Living with missing teeth is no fun. Even when you are missing just two or three teeth, eating becomes a chore and smiling becomes something you don't want to do much. However, with the help of a dental bridge, these normal activities become as simple as they should be. But do you choose a fixed or removable dental bridge?

While a fixed bridge offers more comfort and stability while chewing and speaking, a removable bridge has its advantages too.

Removable Bridges Are Easy to Clean

Removable bridges or partial dentures are easier to clean than fixed dental bridges. With a fixed bridge, you need to floss around the prosthesis regularly to ensure plaque does not build up in hard-to-reach places. However, because you can remove your removable bridge whenever you like, keeping it clean and plaque-free is a simple matter.

Removable Bridges Require Less Treatment Time

If spending time in the dentist's chair is something that terrifies or distresses you, then a removable bridge might be a good place to start. Fixed bridges require at least two dental visits of up to an hour and a half. In addition, the dentist needs to prepare and alter the teeth adjacent to the bridge, something that might be uncomfortable for some people.

Removable bridge preparation is much less invasive. The dentist simply needs to take a mould of their patient's mouth to ensure the removable bridge fits once it is completed, something that takes around six weeks.

Removable Bridges Are Inexpensive

Cost is sometimes an issue that prevents patients from opting for a fixed dental bridge. However, until you are ready, you can opt to wear a removable bridge instead of a fixed bridge. Removable bridges are much cheaper than fixed bridges but provide you with similar benefits, such as an improved smile and confidence.

Removable Bridges Improve Your Appearance

Missing teeth can cause your face to sag in areas and affect your facial symmetry. However, a removable bridge, which can replace several lost teeth at once, can give your face the lift it needs. Moreover, you'll also be able to smile more easily, which in turn will help you to feel more positive. These benefits could help you be more successful in your love life and your career.

If you aren't ready for a fixed dental bridge at the moment, a removable bridge might be more preferable. And if in the future you change your mind, moving from a removable bridge to a fixed bridge will be a simple switch.