A Tooth Tattoo: For a Truly Unique Smile

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A Tooth Tattoo: For a Truly Unique Smile

22 January 2020
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A happy smile is something that anyone can show. What if you wanted your smile to somehow represent something, or even someone else? A tooth tattoo might sound like a strange way to display a representation of your favourite sporting team, your most-loved singer, or even your partner, but with a tooth tattoo, your chosen design will be on display each time you smile. Here are a few things to know about a tooth tattoo. 

A Professional Job

A tooth tattoo isn't even all that complicated, but the process must be performed correctly to achieve the desired result and to avoid harming your teeth. It's a delicate form of cosmetic dentistry and thus should only be performed by a qualified dentist. Avoid any beauty clinics who claim to offer the service, since you might get more than you bargained for. How about some significant enamel damage with your new tooth tattoo? These complications are easily avoided by making sure that a cosmetic dentist is the one applying the tattoo.

A Dental Crown

The tattoo will not be directly applied to a natural tooth. The etching will significantly damage the enamel, and so it simply cannot be done, as the potential complications far outweigh the end result of your new smile. The tattoo will instead be applied to a dental crown. You might have an existing crown covering a suitable tooth (such as a central incisor). Alternatively, a tooth tattoo will require a new dental crown specifically to hold the tattoo. 

A Reapplication or Removal

Although a tooth tattoo is long-lasting, it's not permanent. The saliva in your mouth, along with the friction of the tooth rubbing against the inside of your lips will gradually cause the tattoo to fade. This will certainly take some time, and it varies from person-to-person. Your dentist can easily reapply the tooth tattoo when needed. Likewise, it's easy enough for your dentist to gently buff the tattoo away while leaving the surface of the dental crown intact. This is handy, just in case you fall out of love with your partner, with Madonna or whomever, and no longer wish to display a miniature picture of their face each time you smile.

Each smile is unique, but a tooth tattoo is a way to make your smile even more unique. Are you interested in getting a tooth tattoo? Contact a local cosmetic dentistry to learn more.