Protect Your Child's Teeth from Sports Injuries by Investing in Mouthguards

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Protect Your Child's Teeth from Sports Injuries by Investing in Mouthguards

20 January 2020
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While games and sports are great for kids, they can end up causing dental injuries and fractures if your child doesn't have the right protection. Direct impact to the face without a mouthguard can fracture the teeth or jaw. 

Therefore, whether your child plays soccer, softball or another sport, it's crucial to invest in a mouthguard to protect their teeth during the activity. As you shop around, here are the types of mouthguards you will encounter:

Over-the-Counter Mouthguards

These are store-bought mouthguards that you can find in your local sporting goods store. Ready-made mouthguards are quite affordable and easy to acquire. However, on the downside, they are a one-size-fits-all solution. There is no guarantee that the guard will properly fit in your child's mouth. As a result, it can easily come off during sports, exposing the child to dental injuries.

This also means the chances of losing the mouthguard are high, and you might have to spend money every other week replacing it. If you're looking for an inexpensive mouthguard for non-vigorous sports, a ready-made one should work. However, it is not the best solution for protecting the teeth.

Mouth-Formed Mouthguards

These mouthguards are the most popular options today. There are two types: Preformed shell liner and thermoplastic mouthguards. The preformed shell liner has an interior lining that moulds to the teeth and sets. The thermoplastic mouthguard is dipped in hot water, and the child bites it. The guard moulds to the teeth and sets.

These are a better alternative to store-bought mouthguards as they do a better job of staying in place and preventing dental fractures. However, on the downside, they can be too bulky for kids. They also make talking hard, and one may have to remove them to talk. This increases the chances of losing the guards. Mouth-formed guards are also slightly more expensive than ready-made ones.

Dentist-Fitted Mouthguards

Dentist-fitted mouthguards are by far the best options on the market. In this case, the dentist takes impressions of the kid's teeth and mouth and custom-makes mouthguards from thermoplastic. The process involves ensuring the mouthguards are personalised for the child's mouth. They can be made in custom colours, logos or any other desired design elements. 

These mouthguards have a lower chance of falling out during sports. Since they are customised to your child's mouth, the kid can easily talk with them. The only downside is they are the costliest of the three. However, they tend to last longer and offer better protection.

These are the three main types of mouthguards you can choose for your kid. For excellent performance and protection, visit your dentist for custom-fitted ones!