Physical Changes To Your Teeth That Mandate A Visit To An Emergency Dentist

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Physical Changes To Your Teeth That Mandate A Visit To An Emergency Dentist

17 January 2020
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A visit to the dentist is something most people will try their best to avoid. Thus, it is not surprising that when some individuals develop a serious issue with their oral health, they will probably not recognise the problem as a dental emergency! Not knowing when it is critical to see a dentist can have far-reaching ramifications for your overall health. When the underlying problem is not addressed in time, you are at risk of developing irreparable damage, usually in the form of a lost tooth. And if you do not want to pay hefty amounts of money for restorative treatments, it is in your best interest to know what a dental emergency constitutes. This article focuses on a couple of physical changes to your teeth that should mandate an immediate visit to an emergency dentist.

You have a chip on your tooth

The severity of a chipped tooth can vary vastly from one patient to the next. For instance, you may notice a slight chip in one or more of your teeth one day when brushing your teeth. If these chips are quite small and you do not feel any pain, they are probably due to chewing, and you may not require emergency care. On the other hand, if your mouth has been exposed to blunt force trauma and your tooth chips, it is crucial to see a dentist immediately even if you do not feel any pain. In some cases, the chip may expose some of the nerves in the tooth, and this may only be felt as sensitivity when you eat or drink something hot or cold. Exposed nerves are at risk for infection, so to be on the safe side, you should visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

You have a loose tooth

Loose teeth are completely normal in children who are transitioning from milk teeth to permanent teeth. An adult, on the other hand, should never ignore a loose tooth. The most common cause of this issue is trauma to the affected tooth. But in some cases, you may notice that your tooth is steadily loosening from its socket, and in this scenario, the underlying cause may be periodontal disease or an infection. If you do not want to lose the tooth in its entirety, it is imperative to visit an emergency dentist the moment you notice something is off-kilter. The dentist will examine your jaw and overall oral health to determine if there is an additional oral issue that needs to be treated while attempting to restore the tooth.

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